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Version Update 2.0

It took us long to research upon the bugs that occurred usually with many of devotees, like mantra being missed or not being saved if not in batch of 11 mantras.

esp. thanks to all those have given feedbacks on this, its because of you we could identify the problems, workflows and fix the bugs.

We actually have updated the code version to Mantralekhan API 2.0. We still want to run this on beta so all the members please feel free to send feedbacks on any issue. Also please encourage us if you liked any good feature.

Updates in Mantralekhan API 2.0.

  • Mantra Missing bug fixed
  • “Keep me logged in” feature
  • Made the Mantra-Box to light weight, so it should be very quick to load mantralekhan page.
  • “Information Bar” – keep you updated with the Team Messages right in your account.

Currently working on

  • Improving “Top Users”, based on feedbacks from many devotees
  • Enhancing Homepage UI

Beta Run of Mantralekhan API 2.0 will be closed by end of June, so all the members are requested to please feel free test the site wide-breadth and update us via feedbacks.

PS: Also for the users who have lost their devotion.

We are extremely sorry for your missed mantralekhan. But we certainly believe, though not in your mantralekhan account, the mantralekhan have reached to our beloved Maharaj already.

Extremely expecting your satisfaction in performing devotion this way. Well please, don’t forget we are doing all this to maximize the devotion, bring devotees to this site.

Jay Swaminarayn

– Mantralekhan Team

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