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50 Lakhs Mantralekhan Mark Crossed

So, we are doing good,

In a time of 5 months, we were able to accomplish 50,00,000 Mantralekhan with 1700+ registered users.

But not certainly up to the mark.

I would like to explain you why, according to Current Registration Database, if we take the average of all our registration dates, we all are member from an average date 9th March 2010, 4:31 pm.

If we had been doing only 108 mantralekhan daily, today on 1st July 2010, we would have crossed an impressive mantralekhan mark of 2,15,00,774 mantralekhans collectively with 1748 users.

So what are all of us waiting for, its only question of 108 Mantralekhans a day. Also, encourage even more members to Mantralekhan.com.

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